Scripting for IXD


LearnUXD brings you this course on how to add advanced functionality to interactive projects using JavaScript and principles of interaction design (IXD).

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Explain fundamental programming concepts such as variables, control logic, loops, functions, objects, and document object model manipulation, and apply them in simple, real-world scenarios. (Met by Exercises and Exams)
  • Explain principles of usable interactivity and apply these principles to develop, critique, and execute effective interactions. (Mey by Exams and Projects)
  • Plan interactions—using contemporary modeling methods and critical thinking—that account for the variable complexity of real-world scenarios. (Met by Projects)
  • Integrate current front-end technologies and techniques with fluency in HTML and CSS to add robust, interactive components to a website, web application, mobile application or other interactive project. (Met by Projects)



  • Project 1


    Overview Read the first few pages of Ch.11 from Duckett and skim the remainder of the chapter for a glimpse at some common interactive…

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  • Project 2


    Overview Project 2 provides you the opportunity to build a single page application. You will design the interface and screen states for a…

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