Scripting for IXD

Lesson 1: Humans, Computers, and the Interactive Imperative

Computers vs. Humans: Introduction to IxD

Pick up a free copy of two books we'll use in this class from UXPin. The two books listed below lay out fundamental practices for effective interaction design, which we tend to abbreviate as IxD.

For each link below, just provide your email address and you'll get a link to download the book. UXPin is a safe and reliable company that built a wonderful tool for prototyping applications, and they regularly produce a lot of great content.By providing this email address you will also be able to learn about other books they release.

Read the following from IxD1:

  • Introduction
  • The Interactive Imperative

Study Questions

  • What is the goal of interaction design?
  • List and briefly describe the 5 pillars of interaction design.
  • List the 5 steps to improve interaction.

Learning to Think Like a Computer

Let's switch gears and get started learning about scripting!

Read the following from the Duckett text:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1a: What is a script...
  • Chapter 1b: How do computers fit in...

Study Questions

  1. List the three steps for writing a script.
  2. What are objects, properties, methods, and events?
  3. What is the Document Object Model?