Scripting for IXD

Lesson 11: AJAX, JSON, and Time in IxD


Let's extend what we can do with our scripts by learning about how to load external code using AJAX and how to package data using the JSON syntax.

Read Duckett, Chapter 8.

Watch this presentation and play along in the demo provided in CULearn. Use this handout to take notes.


jQuery can be used to quickly create some helpful visual effects in our scripts.

Read Duckett, Ch.7, pp.332--335.

However, it can be a better use of technology to separate visual adjustments from JS and accomplish them using CSS instead. We can then simply use JS to toggle classes and lead to the desired effect.

Today, CSS can be used to create animations ranging from simple transitions to complex timed animations.

Learn more about CSS transitions and animation »

Understanding Time

Continue our reading through the UXPin Interactive Design Best Practices in their second volume, Interaction Design Best Practices: Mastering the Intangibles---henceforth simply "IxD2" (see Lesson 1 for the link to download this e-book if you haven't already).

Read IxD2 Introduction and Chapter 1: Understanding Time...